Riot A.C.T

Riot A.C.T
Through links from the film school DL would hook up with Simon Fon in order to put on a live fight for Shakespeare in Action along with another member of Eclipse. Being quick to pick up on choreo and having an innate ability to inline his stunts with his physical acting he would make an impression on Mr Fon.


DL would later contact Tyler Williams after being linked to Ante Up and expressed interest in collaborating in the future. Lucky enough Tyler’s want to take more of a behind the camera approach on his next project, The Break Out; and also wanting to have someone who could match Allen Keng in physicality DL was given a shot. Never backing down from learning something new was a great asset for DL when it came to the approach of the stunt work and filming process, and later to having him join the Riot A.C.T.


Unlike others in the Team, DL has had  no background in Martial Arts or Gymnastics. At the age of 15 DL started watching Jackie Chan and Jet Li in order to mimic styles and stunt work. By 18 he had started learning Parkour and Acrobatics. Once he moved to Toronto he would have more resources and can now do most acrobatic movements, break falls, and has picked up some minimal sword play through his team mates.


Breakout went on to be Nominated for awards at the Action on Film Festival 2008 held in Pasadena, California. It took home “Best Action Sequence – Martial Arts Short”