Medieval Times

DL started work at Medieval Times March 25th of 2008 as a squire. By October 3rd he was thrown into the show as Don Edwardo Nolasco Del Rey, the Yellow Knight of Navarre. His fight series was Downside Mace Die for his first three weeks of Knighting, and then was bumped up to Mace – Axe Bola. By the time December came around he was also doing Cousin in the KOA show.

February 14th, 2009 was the last time  “Wolf at the Gates” would be performed in any of the Medieval Times Castles. That day DL became the last person to portray The Cousin. Luckily there was a video review and DL can be seen, he was the Blue Knight. Watch the Awesomeness

During the First show of “Harness of War”, DL was also the Blue Knight. Performing Mace – Axe Bola in the new show format. Since then DL has mastered all Knighting roles of this show, including both speaking roles: Green Knight and Prince. It was while performing as Champion that DL would be seen by Amy Hines, now his agent.

Everyone should stay tuned for next April when the Toronto Castle is slated to begin performing the next instalment.