JD Production

Demo Reel 2003

JD – Productions

JD-Productions started June 17th 2001, when Dan (DL), along with his cousin Brad and friend Cohen shot a fight scene using his Aunt’s camera. DL got the idea of shooting his own indie stunt movies after becoming introduced to Eric Jacobus and his website The Stunt People in April of that year. The short fight scene soon had a story attached to it and more friends and family added to the mix. Come November JD-Productions had its start with several other short films that would only have been made to entertain his friends.

It wouldn’t be until 2003 when DL would start sharing the videos with his School and town through the use of the community station, SAERC TV; ran at the High School by one of his film mentors John Stub. And then with the world through use of YouTube when DL joined in 2006.

DL stopped producing shorts under JD – Productions after he moved to Toronto but still keeps in touch with several members of the group.


Team (no particular order)


  • DL MacDonald
  • Kyle Stewart
  • Brendan Boyle
  • Bryan MacDonald
  • Andrew Smith
  • Eric Keeping
  • Jeff Breen
  • Kristine MacDonald
  • Jeremy Hawes
  • Lee DeWolfe
  • Philip Campbell
  • Iain Campbell
  • Brad Murphy
  • Richard MacDougall
  • Doug Spencer



This is just a small selected filmogrpahy