Sleepy Monday

While I write this out I notice that one of my kittens has found her way behind my computer. I was wondering where she had ended up when I came home from running some errands. So today I will be leaving you all with 4 old videos. We have Dan vs Jeremy 2; which was shot summer of 2004 at Summit Park in Port Hawkesbury; NS. This was done on an afternoon while bored before the start of school. We also have a bit of the end fight from “Lottery”. This was the first time Kyle Stewart and I ever fought on Camera and I believe this would have been shot around Dec 04 or Jan 05. We filmed it at the garbage dump or what have you at the end on Granville Street. We never finished the fight due to the ever changing winter weather.


Our last two videos are from my Eclipse days. We start off with the trailer to the now lost film “Potluck” a few DVD’s were made but Alex and I have since lost our copies. If anyone has one we would love to have it so we can upload the fight scenes. And our final one is a little vid called Love Hurts which is surprisingly one of my more popular films. I shot this with Katt Park whom I met on set of American Pie Presents: The Naked Mile. It was shot by Lester Calleja of HMC at the parkette near Chelsea and Dorvall. Not far from Dundas West Stn.


Enjoy the vids. Next time you’ll hear from me I should be in LA…. or you may have to wait two weeks. My Vacation awaits!!!