Good Morning. Here’s an early morning Monday update; since now I work Mondays until August. Well, not much has happened with me this past week. I have been working straight through, still two more days to go. However, luckily for you folks Mr Alex Chung continues to provide YouTube with some of our lost clips from years ago. And if you all enjoyed Crunch then I hope you’re ready for it’s sequel. Yes, Crunch 2 and it’s Outtakes can be viewed on the main page.


Our Banner for this update is brought to you by the Bitches of Kensington. Please visit their site to see more of their Awesome portfolio.


Also, one last bit of info I guess to leave you all salivating. My next great movie is still in production “Project: Alpha”. I myself have only one more scene to be shot, and then I think the team themselves have been shooting quite a bit.


Enjoy everyone!