Oh Canada!

Hey Everyone! Happy Canada Day yesterday… although today the stores seem to think that today is canada day and refuse to be open… blurgh. So here’s the update.


Some Riot A.C.T members got together for what would turn into be a cursed shoot for a new Walk to Work video starring Bryce Bermingham…. yes, THE Bryce Bermingham. Perhaps you’ve heard of him. Good guy. I ended up ripping my shorts from the bottom of the crotch seem all the way to the belt loop at the top of my crack. And I did that pretty much right away. I did pull some cool stunts though…. which are now lost on the TTC somewhere when the SD card fell out of Tyler’s pocket on his ride home. Kevin did capture some images. But the short will never appear 🙁 Still, I feel its important to plug our old Walk to Work vids. They can now be seen in the video section.


And NEW Campaign. Pete Winning is still collecting funds. but I felt I should switch it up so that my buddies at Thousand Pounds could get some more help on their new project on Kickstarter. Please check them out and help them anyway you can.