Long Time Coming

Hello whoever reads this. It’s me; DL MacDonald and yes, this is a long time coming. Much news everyone. Eclipse Stunts is back and you should totally check us out. You can find out more by following the link on the main page. Follow us on Twitter. Like us on Facebook. Subscribe to us on YouTube. And SHARE US EVERYWHERE. We have some great vids up already for you all to check out.

We’ve also are deep into a short film that we’re shooting for submittal to AoF 2013. I will be making an appearance there, hopefully with Alex Chung; to promote both our film JBR and a film I’ve acted in and helped produce with RedEye Studios, the same guys that brought you Bike Cop!

I’m sorry that I’ve been SO behind on updating the site. Life takes up all this time of mine. Plus I’m trying to stay up with the Eclipse site which will get an update as soon as I’m done here. This is just so you all know. I am alive and well. I also decided to make the banner for this update a new pic of that Kitten from the last update. She has grown up. Enjoy our new stuff everyone!