Kicking Back

That’s right everybody. Kicking back, there’s some double meaning behind this title. One I won’t let you in on just yet, but there’s some good things boiling due to it. Two, because work is finally back to dark days and it means I can kick back and relax. And Three, the video featured this week is one of the fights from Kickback. A feature film that was being shot by Alex Chung and I back in 2006-07. In this fight, two old rivals from a previous film are being reunited. Alex’s Character: Sean is looking to do some work for an old friend now that he’s resurfaced. However, Mickey Dimes (Me) has already filled the position. I guess you all assume a fight would ensue…. and you’d be right.


Enjoy this gem and I’ll see you guys again on Monday! Off to do some ADR for Project Alpha…. which will mean I’ll be wrapped!