Crunchy Training!

Alex Chung has uploaded a lot of new vids in the past few weeks. I have decided to place links to them here on the website. You will find them on the main page and of course in the Vid section. If you want to see some of his other work you can find them here on his YouTube page: RoninChung.


I’d like to draw attention to one of my fav videos I was ever a part of: Crunch. Starring Alex Chung, Kyle Stewart, Jermaine Carty, and myself. Alex wrote up a small script in one of my many Scribblers that I keep kicking around for when I have an idea. I seem to remember sitting at the Pizza Pizza at Oakwood and St Clair watching him scribble the scenes together. We pieced it together and went back to my place at the time; where Kyle and Jermaine were living too. The Original script had Jermaine’s character as a girl. But since she never showed up we asked Jermaine to play it. The character was our neighbour whom Kyle had a crush on, so with the change of genders we just made Kyle gay. Which I think made the movie better, giving all the characters an interesting arc of their own. We did shoot a sequel which I’m hoping will make an appearance on YouTube sometime shortly. Also enjoy the Outtakes, which hold up to the short itself. I think it’s great that the little short that could, which we probably only shot in a span of three hours, from conception to the end of filming; is just as funny as the outtakes themselves.


I have also placed links to all of the training vids that Alex has uploaded. If you’d like to skip the first 8 you can see a compilation of them in Eclipse Training Alpha.