A Farewell to Arms!

Dear Medieval Times Toronto Family


I felt the need to write this to you all after Jenn came home last night saying how much she missed me and how sad she said everyone was…. Although maybe not EVERYone; Right, Andy?


Let’s begin this note by starting in 2005: I move to Toronto so I can go to school and become and actor and be in movies and makes lots of money. Follow the Dream! When I first moved up here I stayed with my Uncle at St. Clair and Bathurst. He was the priest at Holy Rosary right next to the Loblaws. Why do I bring this fact up when I speak of Medieval Times? A few reasons, but you’ll have to keep reading to find out.


SO I did my schooling and worked odd jobs here and there throughout and I had started doing Background work in hopes of schmoozing my way through the film sets.


In 2007 there was the Writer’s Strike, which killed pretty much all of the film productions going on in the city. Leaving me to become pretty poor. I knew Mark Korogodsky from the Film School and he was a Knight at Medieval Times, and he had just gotten my roommate / his class mate Doug Elliott a job. I had sent my application in once before to Aslan and never heard back.


February 14th, 2008; My uncle died, my only family in the city, the guy looking out for me. I was pretty lost. Thankfully Mark and Doug came through for me and I had an interview for a position.


I showed up and was among 6 hopefuls for the position. 4 of us would pass; Taylor, Jones, Stephen, and Myself. My first night in the show I squired Double Up Bola Bola Black and White for Marvis, with Ben as my shadow. Like all squires it took me sometime to pick up the ropes, but I wanted to prove my worth and initiative so that I could be one of the bests at the job.


I started going on YouTube and I would watch every fight and write out the choreo. I would bring in my scribbler of work and show it to Sean to proof it; wanted to make sure I had it right. Because of this I was able to pick up the routines pretty quick. When it came time to choose who would be the next Knight candidates we had to under go the Knight Test. Back in those days all the squires learnt to ride and we didn’t need to do a Head Leg Shoulder test to prove our worth. But we also had a harder audition process than is in place now. In the end of the testing I came in 3rd. I was behind Doug, and Jones. They would only choose two rather than doing multiple people at once.


I remember Doug was learning Upside mace, and Jones would learn downside Axe. Since I wrote out all the fight choreo I was able to help Doug out learning his routines by doing the downside opposite him. But eventually Doug would decide that he was homesick and wanted to return to Newfoundland, opening the door for me to start learning to be a knight. Then Ulysses kicked Jones; and suddenly I was the only knight candidate.


I had very limited training from the middle of August to October 3rd when I had to be thrown into the show. We had just lost a Knight; Shane, and Kennedy was still out with his injury. I remember coming downstairs from the stables and being told out of the blue to grab my tinsel tights and go upstairs to take my Knight pictures. I was being thrown head first into the show. I was now the 7 of 7 knights it would take to put on a show. This meant I had to do every show for the next 4 months when we would finally train up our next candidate. I did downside mace die against Andy for the first 3 weeks. Then I started doing Mace Small Bola, and three weeks later I was doing cousin. And you know the rest of the story.


I pride myself on being there for 5 years and never needing to stop doing the show due to an injury; and believe me, I’m lucky to say that. Here’s a fun list of dangerous events.


I was kicked in the hip by Pintar during long lines my first night as The Green Knight (Prince Show). If he kicked me just a bit higher in my organs, I would be dead right now.


Once Paden squirrelled out on a joust and brought me through the first rail and I had to bail off of him. I landed pretty softly with all my gear in the sand… unfortunately Mark had released Ringo and let him run right over me. Jones ran out and ripped my helmet off after Ringo trampled me, he said I was out cold when he grabbed me but I suddenly opened my eyes and grabbed the mace from him. Had two wicked fights after that, good show. I even had someone return to the show years later and said he remembered how awesome that was.


When Andrey left he was in the process of training Tonto for the show. I was there watching him teach him games and got to see Tonto flip over backwards doing a little ring run and land on top of him. Tonto got up and Andrey limped it off for a bit as Christian decided it was enough practice for the day. Since he was leaving he had to give Tonto over to another knight and he chose me. Not one to turn down an offer from someone who believed in me I took it and managed to put Tonto in the show, but during one of those shows Tonto decided to do to me what I had witnessed him do to Andrey. In the Yellow corner he reared and spun around dropping me off his back and into the wall and the lances that are placed there. I remember breaking my fall as I broke those lances and hit my head off the wall, then I looked up just in time to break Tonto’s fall. He rolled off of me and just as fast as he stood up I was back on top of him. People from the backstage said that Christian flew downstairs and asked them if I was all right. They said they had never seen Christian run that fast.


There’s also a video online of Freeflow killing me in Mace fight with the wrong end of the Alavarda. Ouch!


That’s enough of that. It’s 2013 now. I spent a good 5 years there, I’m happy with my time there but I’ve got a great opportunity staring me in the face and I would be a fool not to chase it. Even though Sean has been great with allowing me to go to set whenever I needed to go I just couldn’t let Medieval Times be my main priority at this point. I don’t want to get a phone call from the production and have them say, we need you tomorrow and then I would have to say. Let me get back to you. I want to tell them, I’ll be there!


I tried to get a part time thing going so that I could come in and save you guys from any sore bodies or run down spirits, but my time was up. I’m upset that I don’t get the glory of a FINAL show. Turns out; my mother was flying in for the 12th, which was the date I was giving. I wanted to do Blue Champ, fight Damien in slap, Kyle in Bola and Sean in Finale; no disrespect to the rest of you. I’ve enjoyed meeting and working with you all. You’re all a HUGE part of my life. You are my Toronto Family, and I love you all. No matter what department or religion (Asaf).


Now that I’m gone I’m hoping this gives you all an opportunity to step up and go further into the show. Just like I had to step up I want to return to see that you’ve all stepped up. Sorry I never got to fight you in Bola; Will. Or you in Champ Damien. You guys are doing great! I’m not gone, I’ll see you all again! Best of luck to everyone, break a lance (Ugh, I know but I couldn’t think of a better way to put it.)


With Love,


One of the BEST Knights. (Make sure I’m remembered like that. Famous like Marvis)